Virgin Martini Apples and Gourmet Caramel Apples

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After what happened today at work and making it home after rush hour traffic, you need something strong. But remember, you’re trying to watch your weight so you need something fruity on the side.  But you’re in a pickle because you don’t drink alcohol, you’ve got a sweet tooth that only chocolate can fix, and you’ve got reservations with some out of town friends in a few hours?  It needs to be finger-food-ery because you want to soak in a hot tub so that you can pretend what just happened at work – didn’t; and if you could have a wine glass in your hand to make it seem like you’re uber-rich so that you don’t have to go back tomorrow; that would be even better.
Why not have a Virgin Apple Martini with one of our Richland Gourmet Apples?  I mean wouldn’t a large granny smith apple covered in caramel, layered in golden cashews and pecans and drenched in pink triple chocolate be the pre-appetizer to the one you’ll have at the restaurant?  And with an Apple Martini I mean come on – it’s a drink but nonalcoholic.  And the apple is fruit covered in chocolate; plus it’ll take less than 5 minutes to satisfy your craving for something fabulously decadent.  Oh yeah, but what about your spouse?  I mean he does live there too and he’ll probably want to join you.  Crap!  That gourmet apple does sound good but it just doesn’t seem like it can handle both of your giant after-work appetites.
Not to worry! Our plus-sized apples are large enough to share; even though you may not want to. So that luscious chocolate coated granny smith apple with be the only one thing overweight tonight.  No time to Google a Virgin Apple Martini Recipe?  Not a problem.  Since you took time to read our Apple Blog, we took the liberty to find one just for you!  Check out this Virgin Apple Martini Recipe:
2 ounces Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider®
1/2 ounce Granny Smith apple (chopped)
2 ounces lemon-lime soda
2 dashes cinnamon
1/2 cups crushed ice
Put ingredients in blender, add ice, blend. Pour into martini glass. Garnish with an a slice of one of the apple wedges you just purchased fromRichland Gourmet Apples and serve. Makes 1 drink; double it and make one for your hubby! Now that you’ve got the drink down; you ready to order some apples?  You may want to purchase a few! Visit!
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Fabulous Apple Cravings

Staci Sweet: Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

Because I’m an avid apple Blogger who writes interestingly funny tidbits about the wonderful world of gourmet apples, I came across a baby community1 boasting of the joys of Granny Smith Apples®.  I thought, ‘Well, isn’t this interesting?’  In it, the mothers were sharing their stories of how Granny Smith Apples® actually helped them during their pregnancy.

One mother cited that whenever she had a craving for something tart, she could always rely on a Granny Smith Apple® to give her that tart fix she so desperately craved. Perhaps her little bundle of joy had grown tired of the usual pickles and bananas and was now pulling on momma for a tart treat.  She went on to say that when she was nauseated, she’d grab one and that would do the trick.  I mean, who knew that Granny Smith Apples® were such a big hit amongst preggo’s?

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself because this is pretty graphic but some even credited Granny Smith Apples® with aiding them with constipation.  Really?  Yes really.  Women in this community would even boast that each morning they’d have to have and would actually look forward to their morning apple which incidentally would help them with their morning sickness. Wow! Who knew?

Maybe you’re expecting and you need to satisfy your cravings with something fabulously decadent, green, and tart?  Well mom-to-be, at Richland Gourmet Apples®, have we got just the thing for you!  Why not satisfy that craving with a Granny Smith Apple® dipped in caramel, golden pecans, yummy marshmallows covered in white and dark milk chocolate?  Marshmallows not really your thing? Well, if you’re having a girl, perhaps she’d like our juicy Granny Smith Apple® dipped in luscious caramel, layered in golden cashews, pecans and get this; triple chocolate.

And don’t worry.  Our Granny Smith Apples® are thoroughly cleansed to ensure our products are free of harsh pesticides.  So what are you waiting on?  Order a few for you and get a couple for your bundle of joy because you are eating for two – right? To order, visit our website @ or give us a call at (502)228-7926 and we’ll help you with your cravings today!


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Plus Sized Apples

Staci Sweet: Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

Because our granny smith apples are jumbo sized, we at Richland Gourmet Apples, also cater to the plus-sized-apple-enthusiast whose desire is to have a bigger gourmet apple experience.

According to, the average apple weighs about 1/3 to half of a pound which is about 227 grams.  Our jumbo sized gourmet granny smith apples are well above the average weight!  No sir; our apples aren’t on any diets!  We encourage our apples to maintain their plump exteriors and we do our very best to choose only those worthy to be called a plus sized Richland apple.

But how does this affect your weight?  Well because our gourmet apples are just that – apples; you’re eating within the guidelines of the food pyramid.  A healthy diet calls for one that is rich with fruits and nuts.  So why not eat a fruit that according to a 2004 report1, is ranked 13th in the world as far as health benefits go.  

Eating any of our 13th ranked healthy granny smith apples keeps you well within a healthy diet; with the exception of our caramel and chocolates.  However, some nutritionists cite that white chocolate actually does have some healthy benefits; but we recommend that you indulge in our gourmet caramel apples in moderation and but please consult your physician.  

So why not enjoy one of our plus sized 13th ranked healthy gourmet granny smith apples today? Visit today!


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The Gourmet Apple Runway

Staci Sweet: Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

I don’t think you’ve ever experienced a Gourmet Apple Fashion Extravaganza.  Well dear readers; are you in for a treat?  Coming to the Gourmet Apple Runway for the men is our DOUBLE STRIPED CHOCOLATE large Granny Smith Apple hand dipped in thick caramel, rolled in a mound of fresh walnuts and striped in Belgian white and milk chocolate.  Ladies and gentlemen can you say yum! Click to purchase.


Next on the apple stage is our POLKA DOT PECAN jumbo sized granny smith apple dipped in caramel and meticulously stripped with not one but two kinds of chocolate: white milk and milk chocolate and topped with crisp, very thin white chocolate wafers.  Talk about haute apple couture. polkadotpecanbig

And what gourmet apple enthusiast can resist this ROCKY ROAD CLASSIC. A granny smith apple dipped in gooey caramel layered in golden pecans and piled high with white fluffy marshmallows and covered with white and milk chocolate.  If you need directions to this Rocky Road classic, click here.


And finally, we’ve even got something for the kids.  Our PRETTY IN PINK is one of our bestsellers and its combination of caramel, layered in golden cashews and pecans and drenched in pink triple chocolate. sweetheart3NEW

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Richland Gourmet Apples®, we’d like to thank you for coming to our first ever Richland Gourmet Apple Fashion Extravaganza!!!  If you’d like to own one of these beauties; visit our website at and one of our Gourmet Appleologist will be thrilled to take your order.

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Haute Apple Couture

Staci Sweet: Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

In keeping with our discussion, Appleology™ is the science of selecting, cleaning, and creating haute apple couture.   Haute Apple Couture is the actual application and design of the apple aesthetic.  From picking the right caramel for the application of the chocolate exterior to selecting the perfect nut accessories; our Gourmet Appleologists uniquely design each apple. 

Before starting, they have to consider style and texture because let’s face it; who wants a chocolatety apple covered with pistachios and prunes – am I right?  Because when you think of the style of the apple, this should tell you the ‘look’ you’re going for.  So take our Polka Dot Pecan Gourmet Apple for instance.

This apple is a jumbo sized granny smith apple dipped in caramel and then meticulously stripped with not one but two kinds of chocolate: white milk and milk chocolate.  The average apple eater would be satisfied with that; but haute apple couture dictates that we finish it something exquisite and oddly unique and voila – white chocolate wafers.  Can you picture that; a crisp, very thin white chocolate wafer on a jumbo sized granny smith apple? Charles Frederick Worth – the mid nineteen century Englishman who started haute fashion would be pleased.

Our hand-executed techniques along with just the right amount of high-style and texture make every gourmet caramel apple a five-star fine dining experience; all from the comforts of your own home.  Are you ready to experience haute apple couture? Visit today! Click to view our apple boutique.

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Appleology™ 101

rga3Staci Sweet -  Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

Appleology™ is the science of selecting, cleaning, and creating haute apple couture.  To give you an idea of what a Gourmet Appleologist™ does, here’s just a taste;

Market Selection

  • Not every market has the best apples.  At Richland Gourmet Apples®, only the finest gourmet apples are selected which means we scour our community for farmers markets and local grocers that carry an apple worthy to be called a Richland Apple.
  • The market has to be clean with no code violations.
  • The vendors must be friendly and in good standing within the farming community.  Are you serious?  No, but just roll with it.

Cleaning Process

  • Removing harsh pesticides involves a lot of soaking, washing, and praying.  Because scientists have proven that no vegetable or fruit can be ridden of all chemicals, we take it a step further and ask that God would bless each apple after we’ve done our due diligence and cleaned it to the best of our ability. Again, this doesn’t happen all the time, but you get the gist.

Making Designer Apples

  • Because we are Appleologists™, we can’t disclose our designing secrets but what we will tell you is that we sample every ingredient from the luscious caramel, to the decadent triple chocolate to the precious pecans that make it to our creations.  This is taught in Advanced Appleology™.

At Richland Gourmet Apples®, we take apples seriously.  Gourmet Caramel Apples are more than a decadent treat; they’re a science – Appleology™ to be exact.  Try one of our designer apple experiments today!

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How to Become an Appleologist™

Staci Sweet – Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

rga10At Richland Gourmet Apples®, we take apples seriously.  Our Gourmet Appleologists™; yes, that’s their name! ‘Wait? What’s an Appleologist™?’ Glad you asked. An Appleologist™ is someone extensively trained in the selection of picking and designing the finest Granny Smith Apples® the market has to offer.  Their extensive training includes;

  • Knowing how to pick the right apple. The selection process is crucial for an Appleologist™ because they have to be able to guestimate the juicyness and sweetness of each apple.
  • They go through weeks of apple cleaning.  They have to go through the grueling process of learning how to thoroughly clean and rid each apple from harsh pesticides and unwanted fingerprints from those who couldn’t recognize their apple brilliance.
  • If they make it past their selection and apple cleaning exams, they move on to the Project Apple Runway Finals where they’re tested on their ability to design Haute Apple Couture.

And ladies and gentlemen, not every person that goes to Appleology™ training makes it through this process.  It takes a sensitive taste palette and a keen eye for color to be able to create one of our gourmet apple creations.  Oh anybody can dip an apple in some caramel and slap some nuts on it; but it takes time to become a Richland Gourmet Appleologist™.You think you’re ready to become an Appleologist™? Visit and purchase a few of our products to get an idea of what you’re in for.  After that, contact our admissions office at our Richland Gourmet School of Haute Apple Couture™ to apply*.

*Please note: We really don’t have a school and we don’t do all that; but hey! We kinda, sorta almost do.

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Candy Apple Remix

rga2Some of you Millennials may not remember, but us Generation X-ers and most Baby Boomers do; when you’d go to the County or State fair.  Aaw yes!  When it was fair time, our mothers would put our hair in pony tails, iron creases in our shorts and we grabbed our best pair of jellies (that’s plastic shoes for all you youngsters) and we headed for the Fair!

Remember when you’d stroll down the Midway to where all the games, rides, and oh let me tell you; the best-est food you ever tasted was.  Back then you didn’t have the smorgasbord of fried everything you can put in some grease.  No, we had hot dogs, corny dogs, pop corn, cotton candy and the ever so classic– candy apple.

Fast forward to 2013, drop the bass and bring the beat back and we, at Richland Gourmet bring you – the candy apple remix!  Yes; it is with extreme delight that we re-introduce you to an American classic – the gourmet candy apple.  Yes parents; run and tell your kids that for the price of what it’ll cost your family to go the movies, your family can share and experience these three delicious caramel dipped granny smith apples drenched in triple chocolate, mixed nuts and cashews – an American tradition; right in the comfort of your own home. To get your hands on this chocolate threesome, click here.  And oh, here’s to the good ole days!rga3Copyright © 2013 Richland Gourmet Apples®. All rights reserved.

USDA and Gourmet Apples

Staci Sweet: Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

Did you know that the majority of Granny Smith Apples® are imported from Chile1?  Yep!  This explains why their price point is higher than Red or Golden Delicious Apples®.  This could also explain why the gourmet caramel apple industry can actually categorize them as ‘gourmet’; simply because of the price point.

I mean think about it.  The mere definition of ‘gourmet’ is defined as ‘a cultural ideal associated with the or haute cuisine, which is characterized by refined, even elaborate preparations and presentations2.  Do you have any idea what it takes to make this apple… rga1

 …look like this?  Gosh darnit, elaborate preparations! Because remember in the culinary world; presentation is everything.  That’s why we at Richland Gourmet Apples, are able to charge you the consumer $14.95 for this delightful jewel of an apple. 

No, we didn’t mass produce this baby; this was handcrafted just for you.  And because the United States Department of Agriculture stated in its latest report that the demand for Granny Smith Apples® is moderate and the market is steady, we’ve decided to pass on our culinary genius juices onto you, the consumer and invite you to take advantage of this granny smith apple dipped in luscious caramel and layered with golden cashews, pecans and get this triple chocolate!

So please, the next time you’re at the supermarket and you see a granny smith apple, think about us.  Those Chileans are making us candy apple enthusiasts very happy!



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