Candy Apple Remix

rga2Some of you Millennials may not remember, but us Generation X-ers and most Baby Boomers do; when you’d go to the County or State fair.  Aaw yes!  When it was fair time, our mothers would put our hair in pony tails, iron creases in our shorts and we grabbed our best pair of jellies (that’s plastic shoes for all you youngsters) and we headed for the Fair!

Remember when you’d stroll down the Midway to where all the games, rides, and oh let me tell you; the best-est food you ever tasted was.  Back then you didn’t have the smorgasbord of fried everything you can put in some grease.  No, we had hot dogs, corny dogs, pop corn, cotton candy and the ever so classic– candy apple.

Fast forward to 2013, drop the bass and bring the beat back and we, at Richland Gourmet bring you – the candy apple remix!  Yes; it is with extreme delight that we re-introduce you to an American classic – the gourmet candy apple.  Yes parents; run and tell your kids that for the price of what it’ll cost your family to go the movies, your family can share and experience these three delicious caramel dipped granny smith apples drenched in triple chocolate, mixed nuts and cashews – an American tradition; right in the comfort of your own home. To get your hands on this chocolate threesome, click here.  And oh, here’s to the good ole days!rga3Copyright © 2013 Richland Gourmet Apples®. All rights reserved.