Appleology™ 101

rga3Staci Sweet -  Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

Appleology™ is the science of selecting, cleaning, and creating haute apple couture.  To give you an idea of what a Gourmet Appleologist™ does, here’s just a taste;

Market Selection

  • Not every market has the best apples.  At Richland Gourmet Apples®, only the finest gourmet apples are selected which means we scour our community for farmers markets and local grocers that carry an apple worthy to be called a Richland Apple.
  • The market has to be clean with no code violations.
  • The vendors must be friendly and in good standing within the farming community.  Are you serious?  No, but just roll with it.

Cleaning Process

  • Removing harsh pesticides involves a lot of soaking, washing, and praying.  Because scientists have proven that no vegetable or fruit can be ridden of all chemicals, we take it a step further and ask that God would bless each apple after we’ve done our due diligence and cleaned it to the best of our ability. Again, this doesn’t happen all the time, but you get the gist.

Making Designer Apples

  • Because we are Appleologists™, we can’t disclose our designing secrets but what we will tell you is that we sample every ingredient from the luscious caramel, to the decadent triple chocolate to the precious pecans that make it to our creations.  This is taught in Advanced Appleology™.

At Richland Gourmet Apples®, we take apples seriously.  Gourmet Caramel Apples are more than a decadent treat; they’re a science – Appleology™ to be exact.  Try one of our designer apple experiments today!

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