The Gourmet Apple Runway

Staci Sweet: Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

I don’t think you’ve ever experienced a Gourmet Apple Fashion Extravaganza.  Well dear readers; are you in for a treat?  Coming to the Gourmet Apple Runway for the men is our DOUBLE STRIPED CHOCOLATE large Granny Smith Apple hand dipped in thick caramel, rolled in a mound of fresh walnuts and striped in Belgian white and milk chocolate.  Ladies and gentlemen can you say yum! Click to purchase.


Next on the apple stage is our POLKA DOT PECAN jumbo sized granny smith apple dipped in caramel and meticulously stripped with not one but two kinds of chocolate: white milk and milk chocolate and topped with crisp, very thin white chocolate wafers.  Talk about haute apple couture. polkadotpecanbig

And what gourmet apple enthusiast can resist this ROCKY ROAD CLASSIC. A granny smith apple dipped in gooey caramel layered in golden pecans and piled high with white fluffy marshmallows and covered with white and milk chocolate.  If you need directions to this Rocky Road classic, click here.


And finally, we’ve even got something for the kids.  Our PRETTY IN PINK is one of our bestsellers and its combination of caramel, layered in golden cashews and pecans and drenched in pink triple chocolate. sweetheart3NEW

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Richland Gourmet Apples®, we’d like to thank you for coming to our first ever Richland Gourmet Apple Fashion Extravaganza!!!  If you’d like to own one of these beauties; visit our website at and one of our Gourmet Appleologist will be thrilled to take your order.

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