Plus Sized Apples

Staci Sweet: Richland Gourmet Apples Contributor/Blogger

Because our granny smith apples are jumbo sized, we at Richland Gourmet Apples, also cater to the plus-sized-apple-enthusiast whose desire is to have a bigger gourmet apple experience.

According to, the average apple weighs about 1/3 to half of a pound which is about 227 grams.  Our jumbo sized gourmet granny smith apples are well above the average weight!  No sir; our apples aren’t on any diets!  We encourage our apples to maintain their plump exteriors and we do our very best to choose only those worthy to be called a plus sized Richland apple.

But how does this affect your weight?  Well because our gourmet apples are just that – apples; you’re eating within the guidelines of the food pyramid.  A healthy diet calls for one that is rich with fruits and nuts.  So why not eat a fruit that according to a 2004 report1, is ranked 13th in the world as far as health benefits go.  

Eating any of our 13th ranked healthy granny smith apples keeps you well within a healthy diet; with the exception of our caramel and chocolates.  However, some nutritionists cite that white chocolate actually does have some healthy benefits; but we recommend that you indulge in our gourmet caramel apples in moderation and but please consult your physician.  

So why not enjoy one of our plus sized 13th ranked healthy gourmet granny smith apples today? Visit today!


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