Petite Caramel Apples



  • Double Chocolate Price $7.00 each
  • Chocolate Walnut Price $7.50 each
  • Chocolate Pecan Price $7.50 each
  • Toffee Price $7.50 each
  • White Chocolate Price $7.00 each


**Apples must be ordered in multiples of 5 with a minimum of 10 apples.


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FAQs — Petite/Party Apples

Q:  I’m interested in the petite apples for my event.  What is the next step?

A:  Please send us an email at indicating the date of your event, the flavor(s) you are interested in, quantity, and your city and state. We will then prepare an estimate for you including shipping fees.


Q: Do I have to order a certain quantity of apples?

A: Yes. The minimum order is 10 apples. You must order at least 5 of any favor.


Q: What flavors do you offer in the petite apples?

A: Chocolate Pecan, Double Chocolate, Toffee, White Chocolate and Chocolate Walnut


Q: What size are the petite apples?

A: The apples are approximately the size of a baseball. No two apples are alike.


Q: Will you provide ribbon for the petite apples?

A:  Yes. We will provide your choice of either white or off white ribbon for you to adhere to your apples.


Q:  Do you offer gift tags for the petite apples?

A: Sorry, no we don’t. Tags may be ordered at


Q:  How do I pay for my order?

A:  A Paypal invoice will be sent to you requesting payment.


Q: Do you offer a sample of your petite apples?

A: Yes. Let us know if you want a sample and will send you an invoice for $10. We will credit you for $10, if you place an order with us.


Q: How long will my caramel apples stay fresh?

A: Our apples are best enjoyed soon after receipt. However, if refrigerated, the apples will typically last 2+ weeks.